Justin Needs to Pay Stanislaus County

Justin Quigley was the Libertarian candidate for CA State Assembly District 21 which covers Stanislaus County and Merced County in Central California.

As part of his campaign, he included a candidate statement in the Voter Information Guide. He paid $1500 for this statement of libertarian principles to appear. Stanislaus County has decided that they didn't charge enough and is now demanding that he pay $1,110.55 more for a total of $2,610.55 - 174% of the original amount.

Justin still hasn't heard back from Merced County. Hopefully, their estimates were high, but chances are he will owe more.

Any funds you donate help future candidates like Justin pay for their candidate statements and other campaign costs, we ask that you consider a recurring monthly donation. Every $5 helps. Thank you.

$780.00 raised
GOAL: $1,110.55

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